Memorable meals in a shake!

Use your touch by adding grewV Spice to give them an experience they’ll never forget!


When you’re tight for time, you want cooking to be a lot easier, or you want your family meal to be unforgettably tasty, grewV Spice is the secret ingredient you need in your kitchen.
With it, you get memorable meals in a shake!

Every grewV blend brings your food to life in a dash, with mouth-watering flavours that will have everyone running for the dinner table!
It’s the easiest way to make your family meals unforgettable.


Why grewV?

Our blends are made with a selection of the very best spices and herbs that nature has to offer.
grewV spices are created for everyday cooks, foodies, and hobby chefs, to incorporate into daily and special occasion events.

When you add grewV Spice to your cooking, you change the course of the conversation and the mood of the event.

Our New Look!

We are transitioning our labels with a vibrant, spicy new look! Watch as we introduce them into the marketplace in 2020!

Old New

New Seasoning

Introducing Alberta Prime all-purpose beef rub seasoning!

Just in time for BBQ Season, Alberta Prime is the BBQ chef’s secret weapon. With just a few shakes, you will reign as King (or Queen) of the cookout because our special blend will make flavours sear, sizzle and pop on the BBQ. No matter what you choose to grace your grill, Alberta Prime will season it to perfection!


Create Your Own Memorable Meals!


“The grewV Signature blend is my favourite. It adds an amazing taste to my steak, baked salmon, broil stuffed chicken wings, and chicken soup. I also use it on my steam vegetables. The flavours are so delicious.”