My best memories are in my Mom’s kitchen and at the dinner table with my family.

When I was a kid, I could be having the worst kind of day, but when I opened my front door and smelled my favourite meal cooking, all my troubles melted away in a sniff.

We weren’t a family of means, but our family suppers were rich. Around the dinner table we laughed together and ate as we talked about our day. It was special. It was an experience that sticks with me even now, so many years later.

That’s what family dinners are supposed to be like.

My Mom’s cooking was one of the things that made my childhood a happy place.

I loved being by her side in the kitchen. She had a way of transforming basic ingredients into something that made you want to close your eyes and savour every single bite.

Her little secrets made the recipe just right.

To capture the flavours of the perfect mom’s kitchen, I’ve taken her secrets, added a few of my own, and put them into every grewV Spice blend.

Admittedly, life is different now than when I was a kid. It’s got a faster pace and today’s moms are busy competent women who have a lot to handle.

But time with your family is still precious.

grewV Spice is meant to save you time, so you can relish more of it with the ones who matter most to you in your life.

grewV Spice gives you memorable meals in a shake, but it’s the love that you sprinkle in with it that will make dinners in your home an unforgettable family experience.