When I’m asked the question, “Why grewV Spice?” it’s because once you apply it to whatever you are cooking, food comes to life! There’s a savoury sweetness accompanied with bold aromas that sets grewV Spice apart.

grewV Spice blends are made with a selection of the very best spices and herbs that nature has to offer. These blends have been developed and perfected at different stages of time with the original blend going back several years.

grewV Spice is not meant to be just another spice or spice blend that sits on a shelf and loses its flavour impact over time. It’s meant to be used daily or frequently because it provides so much more than just incredible flavour.

grewV Spice not only brings life to food, it brings life to any conversation.

Think about it, what’s the first thing people say when they sit down to a meal? “This smell’s so good!” followed by, “This taste is amazing!” And then from the foodies in the group comes the question, “How did you make this?” You know you’re off to a good start when you hear these kinds of comments and questions.

grewV Spice blends are built for everyday cooks, foodies, and hobby chefs, to incorporate into daily and special occasion events.

grewV Spice speaks the international language of food. When applied to any cooking choice, grewV Spice blends bring life to food!

grewV Spice is a purveyor of flavour. Some of what you cook may look good, but if the flavour does not support the look, you change the course of the conversation and the mood of the event.

Here’s what some customers have said as soon as they used and tasted grewV Spice:
Game changer” – Aaron
So amazing” – Jasmeen
Totally awesome” – Nathan
Best I have tasted” – Chris
I put it on ribs and my entire family loved them” – Christy
Made perogies and we couldn’t get enough of them” – Melanie
Crazy good” – Nathan
My girlfriend is vegan, so she used the Thai Curry to make her favourite dish and said it was delicious” – Alex


GrewV Spice Blends

grewV Signature Blend
An amazing blend of the best herbs and spices including garlic, black pepper and Himalayan salt. When used as a dry rub, a marinade or a sauce, grewV Signature Blend brings out unprecedented flavour and tenderness to whatever you apply it to.

grewV Divine Salt & Pepper Blend
This select blend is the best that nature has to offer in spices and herbs. grewV Divine S&P Blend can be used as a more flavourful alternative to everyday salt and pepper.

grewV Jamaican Jerk Blend
Tantalize your taste buds with this flavoursome yet intricate blend of authentic herbs and spices that brings you to the life of Jamaican cuisine. Try grewV Jamaican Jerk Blend on foods such as roast chicken, curry chicken, rice, steamed fish, ackee, seafood medley, and of course Jerk Chicken.

grewV Greek Blend
This seasoning blend is a flavourful blast with origins from Greece. grewV Greek Blend includes popular spices such as Marjoram and Oregano and additional select, all natural, herbs and spices. In addition to the ever-popular Greek salad, you can use grewV Greek on kabobs, chicken, lamb, and a variety of other salads.

grewV Thai Curry Blend
A cultural favourite in many kitchens, grewV Thai Curry is a natural selection of herbs and spices. Although there are different types of curry, grewV Thai Curry is not a spicy hot curry, but rather a balanced collection that can be incorporated into multiple dishes.