My Story

My Story


Hi, my name is Richard Grier and I’m the founder of grewV Spice.

The story behind grewV Spice began when I was a small child. I was always welcome in my mother’s kitchen. My siblings were focused on other things such as boyfriends or girlfriends. I was too young for that at the time, so I loved to be in the kitchen with my mom.

My mom always took time to walk me through the recipes. She shared her secret ways of getting them just right. It might have been adding a little more flour or a little more water, maybe even a little more seasoning, but whatever it was the flavour was always amazing. I was blessed to have this special time with her. She taught me how to transform basic ingredients so that they became flavourful food. We were never a family of much means, but we always ate incredible, healthy, flavour-filled meals.

As I approached my teen years, my dad decided to leave his job of many years and return to school to earn his degree to become a pastor. Because he did not want to waste a moment of time, he compressed four years of education into three.

Because of dad’s decision, mom worked to support the family and I became the family cook. Mom always encouraged my creativity, and I loved it then as much as I love it now. Sadly, my mom has passed on, but I know the passion I have when I create flavourful meals is because of her.

I’ve always loved the kitchen; I love to explore and create flavour and to discover new tastes. This hasn’t always worked, but most of the time I’ve enjoyed much success with cooking.

Remember those get-togethers with family and friends? Where the moment you walked through the door you were struck by the inviting aromas? Those aromas set the stage for a most memorable time and great conversation. It’s this environment that I love!

Even at an early age one of my first jobs was on the grill at MacDonald’s. This was back in the day when the used to advertise how many people were served. Later, I became a short order cook at a roadside café. I continued my passion for cooking by hosting dinner clubs and special events.

The enjoyment of cooking moved into hosting dinner events for my foodie friends and neighbours. I then went on to cook for guests at corporate events. Comments such as, “This is the best I have ever had” have continued to come my way. So, I finally took the plunge to go to the next level and create a company called grewV Spice.

For me, it’s all about flavour! What my mom taught me so many years ago still holds true today: you can’t taste presentation, but you can taste flavour!

Now that some of the blends are developed, I choose to sell them to a select test market. Although the test market was small, I sold out in six weeks. I then increased the number of units and created a loyal following of grewV fans.

The encouragement and support I’ve received from the test market solidified my commitment to bring fine, flavourful spices to everyone.

Welcome to grewV Spice where, as a purveyor of flavour, our spice blends Bring Life to Food.

grewV Spice is a Kingdom Company created to Pay It Forward.

grewV Spice selects individuals and charities where life can be enhanced through generosity.